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Shenzhen Jiankun Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, specializing in the production of bicycle cranks, chain links, cassette underframe and other accessories. We have a complete set of production technology and professionals. At the same time, we also have complete inspection and testing equipment to ensure stable quality. With advanced CN, forging and other equipment, Jiankun can develop customized parts and OEM services. Jiankun has passed ISO9001 certification. With the development of nearly 10 years, Jiankun is very famous in the Chinese market and very popular abroad, especially in Asia and Europe. Products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions, serving more than 300 customers; Cultivate excellent customer insight. We are committed to exceeding expectations and providing excellent value or management. We have a dedicated and passionate leadership team. They not only promote our strategy and business operation, but also help inspire our global team to think about the possibility of data.

In order to innovate and excel, we should think about differences and promote innovation, so that continuous improvement can become a lifestyle to promote excellence. We are committed to creating high-quality products for the market at competitive prices. We provide product configuration and customization options!